Marketplaces for Handmade Items

There are numerous platforms that are catered towards the sale and purchase of handmade items, but there are really only a few of them which stand out. The following is a list of recommendations of a few of the most well-recognised online marketplaces that both sellers and buyers are using today.

1. Etsy

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At Etsy, you will be able to find a range of items that are vintage, handmade, as well as supplies for art and crafts. The site is managed by a team that is spread across different regions, including Brooklyn, Hudson, San Francisco, Berlin, Dublin, London, and Toronto. It is also a certified B Corporation, “a new kind of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems”.


2. iCraft

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iCraft is yet another platform for the selling and buying of handmade goods. The Toronto-based website aims to enable easy and convenient commercial transactions, while at the same time also showcasing their sellers’ work in the best possible way.




3. Zibbet

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Similar to Etsy, Zibbet is a global marketplace showcasing handmade goods, vintage items, fine art, and art and crafting supplies. The website’s concept stemmed from the “desire to create an eBay alternative for Artisans”.





4. Made It

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Made It is one of Australia’s widely-used platforms for the purchase and sale of handmade and independently-created items. It strives to “only promote quality local independaet Australian talent”. Sellers must reside in Australia.





5. DaWanda

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DaWanda is a marketplace for unique, customized, handmade and vintage items. Handcrafting supplies are also available for sale. DaWanda also enables users to “find out about the creative minds behind the items for sale, compare notes with other members, comment on products, be inspired by great design and share ideas and experiences in the blogs and forum.”



6. Bonanza

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With more than four million items for browsing in their inventory, Bonanza provides an extensive range of choices for buyers. Apart from the United States, the website operates in many other parts of the world including Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico and Spain.